Rebooting the Reboot – Show #21


Hey guys, my sincerest apologies for the lack of an update on new episodes. This particular show was recorded two months ago as I was developing a kind of “new look” Radio Rebooted (as evidenced by the blue color scheme), which entailed show notes, new break recordings, pushing our Facebook page, and a greater emphasis on content.

As the weeks went by, the workload involved in this “new look” wore on me, and I was unable to deliver on these promises. I realized I had been overcomplicating and altering what had become the heart of the show – sharing experiences and laughter with my guests and you the audience. This episode was also recorded at a very dark time in my life, a time when my career prospects and living expenses seemed poised to derail my well being,  further complicating the matter.

Luckily now things are better than ever and I will be posting a brief update episode shortly. I am uploading this and show #22 despite their outdated information as I find value in their content above all. I hope you do too, and as always, thanks for listening!

Recorded March 22nd, 2016.

Ryan returns to explain his absence, make some announcements, and reveal some life-changing revelations. Also EPIPHANY. That’s the word I was trying to think of.

Rebooting the Reboot – Show #21